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Has been serving the Erie area for more than 20 years. Customers from all over the region have purchased and sold items in our store. With our all new location at 4801 Peach (just down the road from our original spot), we now offer an even larger selection. Home electronics like iPods, Stereos/Speakers, TV’s, DVD/Blu-Ray players, Xbox and Playstation games/consoles and accessories and so much more. Play World always has gems like classic Nintendo or Sega consoles/games and even an Atari or Two from time to time. Our car stereo section is now even more massive with high quality subs, highs, decks, amps and everything needed for a top of the line car stereo at prices so low you will feel like your stealing it! New in the store is our wheels section which includes sets of rims and even four wheelers. Stop in and check us out!

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Accer Touchscreen Computer / Tablet combo

Accer Touchscreen Computer / Tablet combo

This Accer Touchscreen Computer / Tablet combo is an awesome machine! At 20.5 inches on the Display and running Windows 8, this is the perfect option for just about any need. The screen size allows for any webpage, game, video or photo to be more clear than any normal tablet or cell phone. The processing power is great as well so speed will not be an issue, and this baby runs on the Android 4.0 operating system. Although touchscreen and totally portable, this is more of a static computer as it is fairly large. The machine is super thin and as mentioned above, can probably handle just about any task you are looking to do. Even software programs that require mouse and keyboard are still good to go on this Accer because it is a combo device. The asking price is an amazing $199 – Average asking cost online or in other stores is $299. On top of the already inexpensive price tag, Play World always considers reasonable offers. In addition, we also offer package deals. Add some computer speakers, a case, extra cables and any other accessory to get the best deal possible. While your here check out all the other electronics as well! Grab some movies (new and classics), DVD players, sound bars / system etc. As always, our video game section is pretty stacked too as we have the newest games for any console. The classic games are in stock also including all Nintendo console types and even some old school Ataris! 4801 Peach is where you can find this computer along with dozens of others and... read more

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